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Resources to Support Elaborated Communication


Accomplished adults in a range of fields rely upon complex forms of communication both to conduct their work and to present its results. The tools they use — verbal, symbolic, graphic, and visual — provide qualifications, nuances, elaborations, details, and analogies woven into extended narratives, explanations, justifications, and dialogue. Elaborated communication may be most often evident in essays or research papers, but a math proof, CAD drawing, complex display board, or musical score could also involve elaborated communication.





  • Animoto - Introduce a topic, booktalk, record an event, simulate field trips, create commercials and more
  • Apollo - Web-based collaborative platform 
  • Board800 - Multi-user online whiteboard 
  • Cacoo - Multiple users can plan, share, edit, and review simultaneously 
  • Collaborize Classroom - Support your in-class instruction or help your flipped-classroom model 
  • Creately - Create, share, and collaborate with data-rich diagrams 
  • Digital Storytelling with Web 2.0 - 50+ sites and resources 
  • Edistorm - Brainstorming, add, discuss, and organize ideas 
  • Edmodo - For Micro-blogging in the classroom 
  • Entri - Collaborative tools for writing and sharing documents 
  • Ficly - Collaborative writing environment where anyone can pick up a narrative thread and weave a prequel or sequel
  • Google Sites
  • GroupTweet - Enables 2 to 100,000+ contributors to tweet from the same account
  • iCritique - Publish, view, and discuss media online
  • Jing - Screencasting with voice to narrate
  • Little Bird Tales - Upload original art; add text and voice 
  • LiveBinders - Gathering place for knowledge, resources, and learning
  • MentorMob - Create collaborative learning playlists 
  • Myebook - Write, create, publish, and share 
  • Phonecasting - iPadio - Video of how to use in education 
  • Pirate Pad - Writing is synchronized as you collaborative with others
  • Popplet - Real time collaboration platform - think together 
  • Posterous Spaces - Blogging, collection of evidence, individual or collaborative 
  • Primary Pad - Web-based word processor designed for schools that allows real-time collaboration 
  • Quick Topic - Platform to engage students in written discussion about curriculum topic 
  • Scribblar - Online teaching and learning, revising artwork and images, brainstorming, interviews, and student collaboration 
  • Shelfari - Create a book shelf and collaborate with others around the books 
  • Stroome - Upload footage, work collaboratively to mix it, mash it, and share 
  • Student Publishing - Students write and publish their work 
  • Thumbscribes - Co-create haiku, poems, short stories, and more in real time or asynchronously 
  • Twiddla - Mark-up websites, graphics, and photos, or start brainstorming on a blank canvas 
  • Using Audio Boo in the Classroom - Podcasting - Video 
  • Using Kid Blog in the Classroom - Video 
  • Using Ning in the Classroom - Video 
  • Voicethread - Respond to a problem, peer review of art, music or writing, or group discussions
  • Wallwisher - Gather images, gather feedback from audience, share ideas, make recommendations
  • WeVideo - Video or picture, collaboratively shape your story and share 
  • Wiggio - Collaborate on projects, case studies, labs, study groups, and more 
  • Writeboard - Write, share, revise, compare
  • Zoho - Chats, discussions, meetings, sharing, track collaborative projects
  • Zooburst - Create 3D popup digital books

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