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Resources to Support Depth of Knowledge and Conceptual Understanding

Knowledge is deep when it focuses on a concept, theme, or problem central to an academic, professional, or applied discipline. Deep knowledge reflects complex understanding of these concepts, themes, or problems. This can include understanding relationships, different applications, alternate perspectives/interpretations, and systems that integrate many parts. For students, knowledge is deep when they develop complex understandings of these central concepts. Students can demonstrate systematic, integrated, or holistic understanding when they successfully discover relationships, solve problems, construct explanations, and/or draw conclusions that represent "new" knowledge; that is, new ways for the student to make sense of the world.





Tools * (The list of tools could be exhaustive in this section. Any tool that assists students in deepening their knowledge about concepts, themes and problems might be utilized. Please see PInterests boards for content specific suggestions. https://pinterest.com/twahlert/)


  • 81 Digital Tools for Inquiring Minds - Link to many digital tools

  • Able2Know - Knowledge exchange between participants as experts answer your questions

  • Classtools - Create any type of diagram to share and analyze 

  • Persuasion Map - Frameworking tool that supports users in building arguments for essays and debates

  • Visuwords - Find word meanings and associations with other words and concepts


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