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Grinnell-Newburg CSD


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Assessment Calendar

August September October November December January February March April May  
FAST (K-4) IPI   F+P (K-4)   NAEP (4)   FAST (K-4)  
F+P (K-4)       FAST (K-4)   F+P (K-4)  
  MAP (K-4)       MAP (K-4)     CoGat (2) MAP (K-4)  
                IA-Assessment (3-4)    
Middle School  
SRI (5-8) MAP (5-8) ACT Aspire (8)       IA-Assessment (5-8) Tech Assessment (8)  
          MAP (5-8)       MAP (5-8)  
High School  
    PSAT (Select) ACT Aspire (10)     IA-Assessments (9-11)    

F+P (Fountas & Pinnell) - Reading test for grades K-2. -Purpose is to determine reading level for teachers to individually work and monitor a student's progress

MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) - Reading, Math & Science K-8- Adaptive computerized test that adjusts to ability of each individual student.SRI (Scholastic Reading Inventory) - Reading

CogAT (Cognitive Abilities Test) - Used for determining TAG qualification

PSAT (Preliminary SAT) - Reading, Math (Qualification for National Merit Scholarships, Selected Students)

ACT Aspire - Reading, Math, Science & Social Studies (Provides a Predicted ACT Score)-

IA-Assessment (Iowa Assessment) - Math, Reading, Social Studies, Science- State mandated test for all students 3rd-11th grade

FAST (Formative Assessment System for Teachers) - Pre Reading and Reading Skills- State mandated test- Scores are used to determine if a student needs intervention and progress monitoring

NAEP (National Assessment for Educational Progress) - Reading and Math - National test that some schools and grade levels are asked to take. 4th grade was selected for 2014-15 school year