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Grinnell-Newburg CSD


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Payroll Information

Grinnell-Newburg is going to great lengths to make the employee experience easier, while avoiding the use of paper, by using electronic programs to access employee systems and documents.
Direct Deposit
Employees are paid on a monthly basis, on the last day of each month. (Payment will come on the Friday before if the last day of the month comes over the weekend.)  Click on the following link to find the 2023-2024 Pay Schedule. Wages are submitted directly into an employees checking account.  Direct Deposit forms can be found here, or can be requested from Jerica Latcham by calling 641-236-2700, or jerica.latcham@grinnell-k12.org
Employees use Weblink (also called Software Unlimited) to access pay stub information.  Click here to log in
Please contact the HR department at 641-236-2700, or email jerica.latcham@grinnell-k12.org with questions about pay stub details, or for help with logging in.  (Click here to view Instructions for Accessing Financial Reports on Weblink)
Employee Time and Absence Management
Employees use Frontline (Formally Aesop) to submit leave requests, and Frontline (Formally Veritime) to clock in and out.  Click here to log in
(Click here to view Instructions for Launching the Time Clock from Your Frontline Portal)
(Click here to view instructions for creating an absence)
Additional Payroll Documents
Iowa W-4 Form  (email jerica.latcham@grinnell-k12.org)
Federal W-4 Form  (email jerica.latcham@grinnell-k12.org)
Course Approval Request (Employees taking courses for the purpose of contract revision must submit a course approval request form before desired course is taken.  Courses must fit guidelines for contract revision.)  (email amy.sebring@grinnell-k12.org)
Application for Contract Revision  (email amy.sebring@grinnell-k12.org)
Direct Deposit Enrollment Form  (email jerica.latcham@grinnell-k12.org)
403(b) Form  (email jerica.latcham@grinnell-k12.org)
For specific questions, or for any other documents not provided, please contact the HR department at 641-236-2700.
Jerica Latcham
HR/Payroll Specialist
Assistant to the HR/Payroll Specialist