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The 2022-23 GHS Student Handbook is published annually after review and discussion of new policy updates approved by the Board of Education prior to each school year.  A copy of the 2022-23 GHS Student Handbook is located at the following link: 

2022-23 GHS Student Handbook

Approved Student Handbook Changes for 22-23: 

  1. (p. 7) Class changes:  New classes cannot be added after the 3rd day of the trimester (changed from 5th day of the trimester) 

  • A week is a lot of content to miss and students joining a class at the 5th day are expected to complete the work/assignments they missed which puts them significantly behind. 


  1. (p. 8)  Board expectations for student attendance:  “90% attendance is expected”

  • The administration will be re-emphasizing that the school determines the nature of the absences as excused or unexcused

  • Federal definition of “chronically absent” is missing 15 school days per year (5 days per trimester, on the 6th missed day, students may be dropped from their course or denied credit)

  • (Added):  “After 5 school days, changes to attendance will not be made and consequences will be upheld.”  


  1. (p. 9) Leaving school grounds 501.11 (NEW):  “Students will not be allowed to leave without parental consent. If a student leaves without parent consent, the absence will be counted as unexcused, regardless of how much time was missed.”  

  • This is a safety issue, pure & simple.  Even letting students leave school to go to their cars could set the school up for potential liability (if a situation would occur) without parent permission.  


  1. (p. 9) Make-up work clarified:  501.9

  • Students will receive 1 day for each day absent to make up missed work

  • Teachers will accept late work for credit within the scope of the unit being taught; the homework must support the learning for the unit.  After the unit is completed, credit may not be given. 


  1. (p. 9-10) Unexcused absences:  501.10 

  • “Students are subject to disciplinary action for truancy including suspension and loss of credit for courses due to excessive absenteeism. It is within the discretion of the principal to determine, in light of the circumstances, whether a student may make up work missed because of truancy.”


  1. (p. 13) Cell Phones  

  • Must be out of sight, not in use during  class time;  Warning -> Sent to the office;  Student may pick their phone up at the end of the school day. 


  1. (p. 15) Notes Under Student Behavior Sections

  • Students accused of disruptive/inappropriate behavior who fail to cooperate with the administrative investigation waive their due process rights and will be subject to disciplinary measures as deemed appropriate by the administration. 


  1. (p. 24) Student Parking 

  • Student parking will be permitted in the East Lot (across Sunset St.) & North Lot (activities)

  • West Lot will be reserved for faculty/staff only  

  • All students will enter through the East Doors (Main Sunset Entrance) for safety/security reasons


  1. (p. 31) Use of Tobacco/Vaping Products

  • 1st Offense changed to 5 day suspension to match alcohol/drug consequences on page 26


  1.  (p. 31) Vandalism 

  • Added to all consequences:  “Full restitution (to the school district) for damages incurred.”