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Grinnell-Newburg CSD


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Fairview Elementary Staff


Name Email Teacher

Office Staff
Aaron Weddle - Principal

Tracy Reitz - Admin Assistant tracy.reitz@grinnell-k12.org

Staci Harms - Instructional Coach


 Preschool Team

Jan Phifer jan.phifer@grinnell-k12.org Phifer
Andrea Zhorne andrea.zhorne@grinnell-k12.org Zhorne
Jordan Paulson jordan.paulson@grinnell-k12.org Paulson
Terri Chambers - Preschool Paraeducator terri.chambers@grinnell-k12.org


Paula Thompson - Preschool Paraeducator paula.thompson@grinnell-k12.org


Mary Reed - Preschool Paraeducator mary.reed@grinnell-k12.org


Trudy Tish - Preschool Paraeducator trudy.tish@grinnell-k12.org Tish


Kindergarten Team

Sharyl DeMeulenaere  sharyl.demeulenaere@grinnell-k12.org Mrs. D
Jessica Visscher jessica.visscher@grinnell-k12.org

Brittany Folkedahl brittany.folkedahl@grinnell-k12.org


1st Grade Team

Dee Gibson dee.gibson@grinnell-k12.org Gibson
Hayley Dodds hayley.dodds@grinnell-k12.org
Sarah Shull sarah.shull@grinnell-k12.org

2nd Grade Team

Rhonda Gohlmann



Becky Shaffer becky.shaffer@grinnell-k12.org Shaffer


Amy Harper - Success Specialist / School Counselor amy.harper@grinnell-k12.org


Farren Johnson - Art farren.johnson@grinnell-k12.org

Tony Farmer - PE tony.farmer@grinnell-k12.org Farmer
Molly Loftin - Music molly.loftin@grinnell-k12.org
Allison Pease - teacher librarian  allison.pease@grinnell-k12.org


Michelle Eckerman - Library Paraeducator michelle.eckerman@grinnell-k12.org


Tami Smith - TAG tami.smith@grinnell-k12.org
Amanda Losing - Reading Specialist amanda.losing@grinnell-k12.org Losing
Aly Edelen - Special Education alyson.edelen@grinnell-k12.org Edelen
Rita Mertens - Special Education rita.mertens@grinnell-k12.org
Holly Lepley - Paraeducator holly.lepley@grinnell-k12.org Lepley
Misty Harris - Paraeducator misty.harris@grinnell-k12.org
Brenda Arment - Paraeducator brenda.arment@grinnell-k12.org
Gracie Cain - Paraeducator gracie.cain@grinnell-k12.org
Yolonda McCammant - Paraeducator yolonda.mccammant@grinnell-k12.org
Brittany Rhoades - Paraeducator brittany.rhoades@grinnell-k12.org
Shari Smith - Paraeducator shari.smith@grinnel-k12.org
Karen Sornson - Paraeducator karen.sornson@grinnell-k12.org
Kim Staples - Paraeducator kim.staples@grinnell-k12.org
Emily Weber - Paraeducator emily.weber@grinnell-k12.org
Laurabeth Bosomworth - Paraeducator laurabeth.bosomworth@grinnell-k12.org
Kiery Karjcirik - Paraeducator kiery.karjcirik@grinnell-k12.org
Kara Petersen - Speech & Language Pathologist karapetersen@centralriversaea.org Petersen
Leslie Mitchell - Food Service leslie.mitchell@grinnell-k12.org
Kathy Kriegel - Food Service kathy.kriegel@grinnell-k12.org
Troy Schilder - Custodian troy.schilder@grinnell-k12.org
William Burnham - Evening Custodian william.burnham@grinnell-k12.org