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Talented & Gifted

The Grinnell-Newburg School District currently serves students in grades K-12 who have been identified as Gifted and Talented in the specific aptitude ability domains for mathematics and Reading. Beginning in grade 3, Grinnell offers an extended learning program that provides services to students who have been identified in the general intellectual Ability Domain. Multiple criteria are examined by the Multi Tiered System of Support Team at each school on a regular basis to ensure that individual student needs are being met. Our goal is to ensure that students are challenged on a daily basis so they are not waiting to learn.  
In order to qualify for services in the talented and Gifted program, staff examine student data from the NWEA or known as the MAP assessment, Iowa assessments, reading inventories, classroom data, and at grades 3 and 6 the CoGat is given. Classroom teachers also make recommendations for students to be served in TAG.   
Currently, there are five certified TAG staff members in the district. There is one certified TAG endorsed teacher at each school. Services at each grade level vary from working with classroom teachers to provide instructional resource support, push-in to the classroom to provide student support,  and TAG staff as well as Instructional Coaches assist with professional development to meet the needs of staff who are working with TAG students. This past year our staff participated in a session with George Couros to discover “Innovative Practices and Creativity”.
Programming services may be executed by the TAG teachers, Instructional Coaches, general education teachers, volunteers, and mentors depending on the need of the student and time available.
Recently, the Grinnell Newburg School District purchased the School Wide Curriculum in the areas of reading and language arts. This new curriculum is available to all students in the grades K-5.   The delivery of instruction is organized through the workshop model in the areas of reading and writing. Our staff have been receiving intense professional development training using this methodology. In order to meet the needs of our TAG students, the district had to purchase supplemental resources at K-2 in order for these students to not only have higher level reading material, but to also meet their needs beyond the regular curriculum. These resources are used to provide extension activities for identified students in the classroom, provide supplemental reading for identified students beyond the regular School Wide curriculum, and may be used during WIN time, teacher instructional time, or during independent reading time with identified TAG students. Please check with your individual classroom teacher if you have any questions regarding these resources.  
Last May, our TAG certified staff reviewed practices and service delivery by grade level as a part of our review of  the program. Below, you will find a brief description of the service delivery for identified TAG students. Please keep in mind that services are fluid to meet the needs of students when they need it in the areas of reading and mathematics.   
Service Model at grades K-2:  Students who have been identified as TAG in grades K-2 are flexibly grouped during reading and math time. Classroom teachers, instructional coaches, and building principals collaborate together to design a plan for each student to meet their needs. These plans vary depending upon the amount of support the student needs. The goal for our TAG program at K-2 is designed so that students are not waiting to learn and are being challenged daily. The workshop model in the areas of reading and math ensure that students are being challenged daily in their classroom. WIN time, independent extended activities time and additional services beyond the regular core curriculum are designed for students to meet their instructional needs. Please contact your building principal if you have any questions regarding TAG services.