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Starting Over 2019 - Next Steps




Progress Prints 2/27/2019



Facility Listening Tour Dates:  

The Grinnell-Newburg School District is inviting our community to attend one of the following sessions in which all will have an opportunity to provide input regarding our school facilities.  As you are aware, the District is starting over in a process from scratch with facility planning.   
Please come prepared ready to participate, review current and up to date information about our school buildings, budget, learning practices, and be ready to share your thoughts and ideas about possible solutions.    There will be short activities or presentations from our staff that will engage our participants in current learning practices,  walking tour of the school facility at the session you attend, and time to share ideas and offer solutions.   
These sessions will be structured the same at each location, therefore and we ask participants to attend one session.   
If you are unable to attend a session, we will be streaming this via FB and we are looking into possible taping from Channel 12.   All information gathered from these sessions will be posted on the facilities page of the website.  
If you are unable to attend please complete this form to leave your feedback.
If your business, organization, or group would like to host an additional session, please contact Amber at 641-236-2700 to arrange for a session.   We hope you will join us at one of the following:
December 15  - 10:00-12:00 at Davis Elementary
December 17 - 6:00 - 8:00 at the High School
December 19 - 6:00 - 8:00 at Bailey Park
January 10 - 6:00 - 8:00 at Fairview Elementary
January  14 - 5:00-7:00 at the Middle School
Following these  listening events, the District will present scenarios of options, based upon community input, for consideration.  We anticipate that this information gathering, scenario options, and final selection will take about 12 months.  Please contact the district office if you have any questions at 641-236-2700.
Documents that were provided at the listening tours are below:
How have classrooms evolved?
Notes from the 11/8 & 11/10 meetings
For safety reasons, maps of the current buildings can be viewed by contacting the district office at 641-236-2700.

ADHOC Facilities Committee:

The district will be forming an ADHOC Facilities Committee following all of the listening sessions in the upcoming month. This committee of about 20, will be made up of community members, business representatives, farmers, teachers, students, administrators, architects and our engineering firm. There will be a sign up sheet available at each listening session if you are interested in this committee. The task for this committee will be to review all of the listening tour information and participate in developing scenarios along side our architects and engineers. Please know that I expect this committee to meet weekly until scenarios are complete. Once the scenarios are complete, the district will present plan options to the community for feedback.


Below are the links to the feedback that was gathered from the Community Planning Process meetings that were held on November 8 & 11.

Notes from meeting on November 8, 2018

Notes from meeting on November 10, 2018


If you were unable to attend one of the Community Planning Process meetings, click the link below to offer your feedback. 
Community Planning Process Survey


Board of Education Meeting Recap:

The Board hosted a facilities workshop this past week.  They reviewed the proposed plan to use about 4 million of our SAVE dollars in order to fix primary systems.  We will ask the Board to officially approve this at the December 12 school board meeting. Please be aware the items selected to be repaired or replaced are primary systems, which if to fail, would close a building down for students until it could be repaired or replaced such as heating and electrical. The board was provided with needs at each of the five school buildings.  


Next the Board committed to the following regarding school facilities:   

  1. We are starting over, there is no plan
  2. We are committed to find a solution regarding our facility needs.
  3. We are committed to gather community feedback and ideas via diverse methods related to our facility needs that will result in a plan based upon community input.
  4. We are committed to align our learning environments to our educational goals.
  5. We are committed to video stream, or look at solutions to televise any of the facility listening meetings.
  6. We are committed to keep an open mind and draw consensus.
  7. We are committed to keep the public informed and provide access to meeting minutes from the listening events on an ongoing basis.
  8. We are committed to create a chart with question/ answers on our new facilities tab page released today.
  9. We are committed to our community members touring our school facilities.
  10. We are committed to begin our listening sessions this December and host one at each school site and continue to host additional small group meeting sessions within our community as needed through March.
Next the Board identified a few non-negotiables:
  1. Safety and security with secure entryways included in the plan
  2. We have to stay within our parameters of funding or bonding available
  3. We have to examine costs for operations as a part of the process
  4. We need to have a long term plan
The final discussion was related to timeline
  1. Listening sessions extended through December-March
  2. No consideration of a bond vote during the year 2019
  3. Create a community ADHOC committee to review all of the information gathered to vet pro’s and con’s  (Information about the make of this committee will be forthcoming. We are looking for teachers, parents, community members, farmers, city officials, and other community representatives to participate that will consist of approximately 20 members) 
  4. Following the ADHOC review, the architect will provide scenarios facility plans and analysis
  5. Community members will have an opportunity to participate in a survey to examine options following input from the community and committee
  6. This process will be completed during the year of 2019  



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